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8 December 2010

Green Award For Leeds Development

THE Greenhouse development in South Leeds has won a national award for its green credentials.

Developer Citu won the 'Best Refurbishment Project' title against rivals including the Victoria & Albert Musuem at the UK Green Building Council Sustainability Awards.

Event organiser Sarah Austin said “What we've seen a lot in the industry is what we've started calling 'green bling'. Developers trying to retro-fit technology to help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings - often these are add-ons that have very little value to bring. With Greenhouse Citu have not only created a low carbon development, thanks to the efficiency of technology and materials used in the build, but they’ve also built sustainable living for the long term thanks to the extra features such as their bike club, allotments and car share scheme. They’ve gone much further than other developers in this area and we were delighted to present them with this award.”

The prize is the latest in a series of 12 awards for the Greenhouse development, a mix of high-tech homes and offices formed out of an old workers lodge.

Citu managing director Chris Thompson said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be receiving recognition for Greenhouse as it’s taken huge commitment, passion and determination from a lot of people across the industry to make this development what it is today. We were always clear on what we were setting out to achieve with Greenhouse and I’m proud that we stayed true to its core - sustainability really is the blood that runs through Greenhouse from the bottom up and it’s rewarding to be recognised for leading the way in sustainable building.”

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