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13 December 2010

Mr & Mrs S. Claus

The christmas card has often been a good marketing tool to wish merryment on all your contacts and clients.
When  you combine imagination, detail, and team work, cool things can happen, as seen in one design firm’s annual christmas card.  

In 1975 Don Reeves challenged his staff, “Rather than send out some nice architectural drawing for our holiday greeting to business friends and family, let’s do a working drawing of Santa’s workshop!

Take the next 45 minutes or so, and have a go at it!”  
His staff enjoyed the challenge and four days later a sticker board was put up in the office, with a brainstormed functional workshop.

The office updates the christmas card annually, adjusting to the trends and tweaking details, throughout the year suggesting ideas.  

A complete set of drawings has been maintained by the office from 1977 to 2010.
“You’ll recall that this was before reprographics really existed so, each year, we had to redraw the whole thing in order to add the newest features,” Don shared

It hasn’t just been a way to spread cheer, or a teambuilding exercise, as people call the office every year to verify that they are on the distribution list – receiving the latest drawing of the workshop.

A great example of how good marketing really works.

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