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22 May 2013

Building a 3D printer with a 3D printer!

Hi everyone,

Today, I wanted to post something that I found on-line which has got me thinking about what the future has to offer.

The link below is basically about an architect who has created a 3D printer using a 3D printer. Now this is all very straight forward, you print out the components and then construct the new printer from those parts. Please see the link below for the article which is a great concept and really shows the power and versatility of modern 3D printers. 

CAD model of the parts to be printed

Gordon Laplante with his prototype 3D Printer

Printed components ready to be assembled

Printing a lego block to demonstrate the printers capability

This story also gives us a small snapshot as to how the future of manufacture and industry could be shaped. As the 3D printing technology progresses and improves, there is no limit to what could be created and replicated using printing technology.

This almost leads on to the question of self-replication. If a printer in the modern day can, in essence, replicate itself (with our input), maybe there will be robots some day that will do the same, but on their own. Most people have seen at least one apocalyptic film involving robots such as I-Robot of The Terminator.. That world might not be as far away as we may think!  Da... Da... Daaaaaaaaa!

All of the images above are copyright and courtesy of www.theinquirer.net.

Happy reading

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