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8 October 2012

Count down to Launch

Good morning readers.

Over the past year we have introduced you to a small team of individuals from Red Bull's Stratos who have been pushing the boundaries of what is physically and mentally possible.

They plan to let Felix Baumgartner 502, the world's most well known and most extreme base jumper, freefall from the edge of space at 120,000 ft, braking the speed of sound on his way down.

Well ladies and gentlemen the time has come. In 24 hours time, the window will open. Felix will enter his pod and Red Bull Stratos will be go for launch.

With state of the art cameras and umpteen live broadcasts, Felix's jump will be watched from around the globe.

If you don't want to miss a moment, join the millions of others by clicking on the links below.

Watch Live: http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/

Watch Live: http://www.redbull.tv/Redbulltv

Follow Felix: http://www.facebook.com/FelixBaumgartner

Join in with Redbull Stratos: http://www.facebook.com/events/492225154128689/

The count down is on. The team in Rowsell gather to wish Felix luck.

Felix and his mum arrive in Roswell

The Red Bull Stratos Team Leaders Line up in front of the pod
before it is transferred to Roswell.

It's not even jump time but yet Felix has to spend the remaining days
before the jump Preparing alone in a pressurised capsule.

Rehearsals are a big part of the build up to the jump.
Anything to put to one side Murphy law.

Using a state-of-the-art telescopic camera to
capture every waking moment of the event.

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