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26 October 2012

Artist of the Week #72 : Kyle Bean

Readers of our regular 'Artist of the Week' post will have noticed a particular bias towards the dark arts of CGI. That's because our nerdy in-house CGI team usually get to choose the subjects who've worked on their favourite geeky/cult Sci-Fi films.

Today, for a refreshing change, we're showcasing a young artist who believes in 'honesty to materials' and creates his work in a naturally-lit studio, rather than the evil trickery of CGI, created by loners sitting in darkened rooms feeding on Pot Noodles. In their underpants.

Although only recently graduated, Kyle Bean is already making waves in the world of sculpture.  His originality and use of materials sets him apart.

According to his own website, 'Kyle Bean is a designer specialising in hand crafted models, set design and art direction. Since graduating in 2009, Kyle has worked for a variety of international clients for a diverse range of projects including installations, window displays, editorial illustration and advertising. Kyle’s work has been recognised by the prestigious Art Directors Club in New York and the International Design Biennial held throughout Europe. His work has been featured in a range of international art and design publications, praising him for both his conceptual thinking and craftsmanship. Kyle splits his time between working from his studio by the sea in Brighton and London where he often collaborates with photographers and directors. Kyle is represented by Blinkart.

Here are a few examples showing the diversity of Kyle's work:

What came first - chicken made from eggshells

'Disposable Technology'

Wood portraits

Computer Arts magazine cover 'Apps'

Stick Insects (made from matchsticks)

Pencil shaving portraits

Mobile Evolution....

......(Russian doll style)

'Wall Street Rocket Scientists'

Tube Map (made from drinking straws)
There's a really good interview with Kyle here that includes embedded video of animated commercials - well worth a visit.

Design at SoVibrant www.SoVibrant.co.uk

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