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12 July 2011

Google+ Users Mount In Battle of Social Network Giants

The clash for social network users is gaining real momentum with studies seeing the amount of Google+ users sky rocketing.

Google+ screenshot
Google+ is currently an invitation-only service

One study intimates the new service could have as many as five million users in the US alone - an increase of 1.7 million people just a week ago.

That figures were suggested by studies of Paul Allen, who spearheaded Ancestry.com, and shared on his Google Plus page.

Google is presently restricting the number of people who can use the service, as it endeavours to iron out any bugs within the system.

The search engine's product allows users to limit the information and updates that people can view through the creation of "circles" specific to the types of contact a user retains. However, Google has an enormous amount of work to complete if it is to compete with the leading social network site, Facebook, which last week publicised it had achieved 750,000,000 committed users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, left, watches a demonstration of Video Chat
Mark Zuckerberg unveiled new Facebook applications in a live press conference
Facebook has motioned its objective to preserve those users with CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledging new features, one being video calling through an interface with Skype.

The enthusiasm for Google Plus is in disparity to the company's preceding efforts at social networking. Its Buzz and Wave products did not live up to the required standard with Wave being discontinued in August 2010. The search engine's new +1 article recommendation system is also on the increase with some indications that it has exceeded Twitter for sharing pages.

If anyone would like to try Google+ for themselves and requires an invitation, please send your email address to info@sovibrant.co.uk.


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