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19 July 2011

3D World - CG Awards 2011

Hi everyone,

The time has come yet again to give recognition to those exceptional people/companies in the 3D CGI world. The 3D World Mag awards have been running for a while now but this year has witnessed some big leaps forward in both commercial and industrial CGI.

There is a link below to the awards and we recommend taking a look through some of the categories. There is a wide variety of content receiving awards ranging from the "Best new application of the year" to the "Best use of CG in Advertising (Marketing, Promotions, Virals)".

Click here for the 3D CG Awards

The quality of the media that is being submitted for the awards is outstanding and we definitely do not envy those people who have to judge, it will be a very difficult job indeed.

Below are a few images from some of the medias/technologies that are being awarded.

3D Visualisation


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