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2 August 2010

Iluma - Architectural Entertainment

Iluma is an entertainment and retail development in Singapore, cleverly located in the new designated arts, education and entertainment district of Bugis Street.

The building works by becoming a piece of entertainment itself, bringing a range of interest externally and internally. Externally, the building works with vibrant colours on one rectilinear section (which have been carefully selected to work with the surrounding neighbourhood colours) and then by introducing soft curves, lighter colours and a delicate touch of jewel like reflectors which are actually energy saving light bulbs! The design of “crystal fa├žade” is a three-dimensional canvas on which media artists, art students and even the public can apply readable images, text and graphics and architectural treatments all on a scale of one city block.
The long term vision for this building is to eventually build a sense of ownership by the creative community around it, supporting events and activities in development, and make Iluma more than just retail space.

Architecture and Interior Design

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