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16 January 2014

Artist - Oliver Dunn

Hello readers,

Today I would like to introduce to you some work by an up and coming local Artist / Illustrator / Graphic designer – Oliver Dunn. Specialising in hand-drawn “doodle” style pieces with a focus on bold graphic shapes and striking colours, his clients include the likes of Root Clothing, No Title Magazine, Urban Graphic and Urban Outfitters

Oliver’s work has recently taken him to the London scene, but I have had the pleasure of his acquaintance for a number of years while he was based out of Leeds. I have always admired Oliver’s work and dedication and of course it is always great to see local talent getting recognition. 

Because of the level of vibrancy in Oliver’s designs, industry magazines and web issues have likened his work to such artists as Keith Haring, coupled with the intricacy of M. C. Escher and even showing elements of pop art in-between. Oliver’s style allows his work to transfer into a wide range of different avenues from bespoke furniture, to window art, canvasses and beyond.

NOCTIS magazine had this to say about the artists work and to be honest, I think their words hit the nail on the head:

“There is something so simple, yet so captivating about Oliver Dunn's designs. The vibrant tones present a nostalgia and you find yourself forming patterns with your eyes; your own unique pattern.
With his intricate attention to detail, it is no wonder Oliver Dunn is making a name for himself. He offers a new way of thinking, a fresh palette which revolves around concept and adaptability.”

It is the combination of both bold and bright, with intricate and detailed patterns that pull my gaze onto Oliver’s pieces, the designs create a desire within me to explore every millimetre of his creations, often finding myself lost within the journey his motif’s take you.

It is the artist’s unique personalised style which impresses me most, one where though my own interest I feel I could easily identify a Dunn piece instantly, which is credit to the man himself as the same cannot be said for many young up and coming artists. 

The intricacy of the patterns magically seem to keep my attention for often much longer than I intend, the wiry patterns which crop up frequently in Oliver’s work are always faultless and personally I could sit and follow each individual path from one side of a piece to the other for hours. In fact, as I write this entry I find myself leaning in close to my monitor to try and take in every aspect of Oliver’s work (much to the amusement of my colleagues!).

With a style so adaptable I really cannot wait to see what comes next from Oliver and I am sure I find myself in an ever growing list of people keeping an eye on his progress. 

Thanks for reading.

Mark Kitching
Strategy Consultant

(all images courtesy of odunn.com) 


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