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7 November 2013

Greatest ever video game trailer recreated as live action video

Good morning readers, 

One of the best video game trailers of recent years has recently been amazingly re-enacted by a collection of hardcore fans. Two years after the original trailer release of 'Dead Island' the live action video manages to successfully recreate the brooding atmosphere and shock value of the original. Here at SoVibrant HQ we fondly remember the viral launch of the original after it provoked much discussion and admiration, and 10 million YouTube hits later it has proven to be arguably the most successful video trailer of all time in terms of its artistic value. Unfortunately for game studio Deep Silver the game itself has proven to be far less successful, primarily because it was rubbish. In order to appreciate the quality of both the original and the re-enactment both versions are included below.

Story via The Verge
Videos via YouTube

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