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15 November 2012

Graphene - Future applications

Hi everyone,

Graphene is quickly becoming the leading scientific research area of our time. Graphene is basically a two dimensional material with amazing properties which, once harnessed, could drastically change the way we live our lives.

There is a wealth of information online about Graphene, but basically it consists of single-atom-thick layers of carbon. These layers are so thin that they only exist in 2 dimensions so don't have any depth. Due to this and their extremely tight honey-combed structure, they contain some very unusual properties. These consist of the potential to be the strongest material known to man being over 200 times stronger than steel, as well as the lightest. Graphene also has an incredible abilility to conduct heat and power (electrons) which opens up a new world of electronic advancements.

Honey-combed carbon structure of Graphene - Image courtesy of Google

Imagine the age-old sci-fi concept of an elevator to space, theoretically it could be possible if created with Graphene-based materials. Also, amazing new batteries that are many times more efficient than we currently have, as well as computing power that is hundreds of times faster due to Graphene's unique thermal properties.

Example uses of Graphene - Image courtesy of Google

What is the best property of Graphene!?  It was discovered right here in the UK, Manchester to be exact and this is where the world's leading Graphene research is being carried out. GET IN!

Nobel prize winning scientists from Manchester - Image courtesy of Google

The two videos below explain what Graphene is and how it is created as well as some of the future applications of Graphene.

Stay tuned for further posts relating to the advancements and new discoveries around Graphene!

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