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5 May 2011

The Coolest Fridge

Every year, Electrolux Design Lab hosts a design competition where students are tasked to come up with a home appliance suitable for the future epoch.

2011’s theme topic, the Second Space Age, was hijacked by Yuriy Dmitriev’s submission, the Bio Robot Fridge. This Fridge bears no resemblance to a refrigerator, or any other household appliance for that matter. The motor and door have been replaced by a layer of gel where you put things in and keep them fresh.

This particular substance allows users consumers to install and remove perishables from the “gel” without getting the food or person covered in lees. It also benefits from a much less carbon footprint.

The Bio Robot Fridge can be mounted just about anywhere, even on the ceiling. One for the high fliers!

This is still a concept for now, but it feels like the episode of “The Office” where Tim put Gareth’s stapler in Jelly!

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