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2 February 2011

We love HTC

I have just recieved my brand new HTC HD7 with Windows 7 O/S. After being an avid Apple iphone user for the last two years I was getting a little fed up with being prescribed to in how I use my phone and where I acquire content for it. I have really enjoyed my iphone but its limitations have really begun to frustrate. In key areas such as use of personal files, lack of flash compatibility, (lets be real HTML 5 is hardly mainstream yet!) being handcuffed to itunes, lack of access to generally useful software for those of us who are also PC users  I have found the iphone really wanting. People always say - oh but you are designers, surely you love Apple. Yes, we love the styling, but equally as designers we like to be different and I  for one am also getting slightly bored of having the same phone as everyone else out there.  I am sure I am not the only person who feels like this!!

When I got my HTC I had a feeling of dread because I worried that a windows phone just wouldnt be as good as my iphone was. I had ebay on stand by....

How wrong I was. From the second the phone loads up it has a beautiful tiled interface that is really easy to use and generally I was amazed to find myself preferring the aesthetics of my new phone to my iphone. The device is a really slick design and looking slightly different to the iphone, I have lost that "mainstream malaise" I was developing. The menus are beautifully animated with a really crisp contemporary aesthetic. The screen is huge and the phone has a great addition of a stand that allows you to watch movies with the phone supported in position on its side.  Gone are the days of trying to make the crease in your bag hold your phone.

As good as the iphone is, having a few extra buttons  also does really help!

Social media is well integrated within the phone with all your contacts also showing facebook feeds, posted photos and the like without going into a facebook app or online.

The apps hub is lacking at the moment, but hey its taken Apple a good 3 years to build up a great range of apps and I am prepared now to give the benefit of the doubt and wait and see if it develops successfully.

Watch this space to see if the enthusiasm lasts, but on day 2, I have not given my iphone a second thought and I am really pleased with my HTC HD7.

It's about time the boat was rocked..... Apple are far from the perfect provider for everyone and it is great to see a genuine rival coming to the fore.

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