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10 January 2011

World most expensive home

When you think of being rich, you may imagine something like owning a  luxurious secluded mansion or a top of the range super yacht. . Well how about the super – rich?  Richard Branson has shown us in some style, how the super-rich invest their hard earned pay packet.  Known to everyone as the man behind the Virgin Group of companies  originally bought the small 74-acre island of Necker (British virgin islands) in his 20's for the small sum of £175,000. 

Working with bands like the rolling stones and Madonna through his Virgin Music company, as the money came in, Bradson started building his new home in paradise. 3 years later and a very reasonable $10,000,000 later, this 10 bedroom island retreat is now worth upwards of $380,000,000. 

But if you’re thinking you'd never be able to have a piece of that, well you can. The island has accommodation for 28 people and rents out at US$53,000 to $54,000 a day. Your small outlay includes access to two "private" beaches, private pools, tennis courts, breathtaking views, a personal chef, a team of about 60 staff and a wide array of water sports equipment.

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