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18 June 2010

Artist of the Week #17. SoVibrant

For a change we thought this week we would show you some of our own most recent pieces of artwork.

The first piece is a commission for a private residence in Surrey. This artwork is printed on a mixture of optically clear vinyl with white ink on the front pane of glass and matte vinyl on the rear face. The artwork has integrated colour change and white lighting, downlighting between each layer.  According to our client it is the "piece de resistance" of his new home.

The second piece is a commission for one of our clients newly refurbished boardroom (also by SoVibrant)

The third piece is a complex interior graphics scheme for the new £900k visitor centre in York, designed by SoVibrant. The scheme opened 3 weeks ago has already had 26,000 visitors and is being heralded as a revolution in visitor information provision.

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