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9 December 2009

Things we like - Kahn's Library at Phillips Exeter Academy: A Sort of a Shortfilm

Kahn's Exeter Short Film from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

This is a beautiful piece of animation that really demonstrates the importance of genuine creativity within media design. An animation can be technically outstanding, but if your workflow lacks time for creativity, you will not have a robust concept that brings your work together. Dynamic yet understated camera work and intelligent, well timed edits, synchronised with a haunting soundtrack bring together what is a fantastic and intimate portrait of the Architecture of  Kahn's Library.
Implementation of a workflow that has appropriate time given to creative activities such as storyboarding and sketching combined with a structured, creative edit and understated post production, delivered through a seamless use of multiple software platforms can allow the quality of this type of longer term project to be achieved within the commercial sector, where deadlines are often much shorter and budgets tighter.

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